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Welcome to the Virtual Connectory!

Your global innovation community. Here is your place to connect, co-create, and level up your innovation! Visit our innovation spaces, check out our learning opportunities and connect with the community as part of our digital membership.

Virtual Connectory Membership

Join the Global Community!

Beyond our spaces we have been expanding our innovation community to a virtual environment. Join our global community as part of the Virtual Connectory Membership. This is your chance to connect, take valuable connections, and expand your network for your digital innovation solutions. 

Are you looking for:

• Access to a global mentor database 

• Support on your technical solutions from professional IoT engineers 

• Access to the IoT Lab (physical + virtually)

Virtual Co-working with other members 

Introductions to the local ecosystem in the U.S. Mexico, Brazil, Germany and Asia 

Connections to Corporate Partners, as well as introductions to Bosch business units  

Are you ready to:

Connect with others during our monthly luncheons and speed networking events 

Step up your skills with our learning library 

Join regular virtual events around business modeling, design thinking, and tech talks 


Coming Soon

Global Innovation Spaces Network

The Connectory Spaces are co-creation spaces and communities dedicated to driving IoT innovation. The global Connectory network reaches from Chicago, U.S.; Guadalajara, Mexico; Stuttgart, Germany; Curitiba, Brazil to Shanghai, China. 

Are you an IoT startup, or working on digitalization topics?

Are you a corporation who would like to join the global community?

Are you a university and want your talent to connect?

Are you a civic partner in our ecosystem?

Digital Solutions

The Connectory Digital Solutions offers leading edge digital engineering and software development platforms that apply progressive collaboration models. 

Our solution is highly flexible and adapts to your needs, project requirements and product maturity. 

Our platforms feature industry-leading experts, creative students, professional freelancers, as well as experienced micro companies. Scalable from a one-to-one project up to several hundred team members.  



One of the core pillars of the Connectory Community is ‘Educational Experience’.  We provide a wide set of learning opportunities, starting from IoT Business Model Builder certificate, to Design Thinking Sprints. Stay tuned. 

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